Thursday, November 6, 2014

Next iPhone Rumored To Feature Glasses Free 3D Display

New rumors on the next iPhone are already surfacing. As the next iPhone is rumored to feature a glasses free 3D display, according to report’s. The reports state that Apple is currently raising funds for an upcoming Apple project, and sources indicate it has something to do with a glasses free 3D screen. Apple has shown a lot of interest in 3D technology. as they have filed several patents related to the field, particularly for the display and camera, and we can't forget its major PrimeSense acquisition. PrimeSense is an Israeli maker of chips that enable 3D machine vision. 3D tech is nothing new to the smartphone world. Manufacturers like HTC, LG and Amazon have devices capable of displaying images in 3D. But the feature has thus far failed to gain much mainstream traction, which means it’s an area Apple could still shake up. How do you feel about this rumor ? Would you be interested in a 3D iPhone? Would You buy it ?

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