Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nintendo Seems to Be Doing Better On The Financial Side Of Things

Nintendo has reported its 6 month financial performance, and things are improving. At the half year mark, Nintendo is showing an operating loss of 215 million Yen ($1.99 million). Nintendo has almost made up its first quarter loss of 9.47 billion Yen ($87.7 million), posting operating income of  9.25 billion Yen ($85.7 million) for the second quarter. Nintendo’s net income for the quarter amounts to 24 billion Yen ($224.31 million). At this time last year, Nintendo’s 6 month net income was only 600 million Yen ($5.56 million) and its second quarter showed a loss of  8.24 billion Yen ($74.3 million). Super Smash Bros. for 3DS reached 3.22 million units worldwide as of September 30. This includes early shipments of copies outside of Japan. Nintendo sold 610,000 Wii U consoles in the quarter, boosting current year shipments to 1.12 million. As for the 3DS , Nintendo shipped 1.27 million units in the 3DS and 2DS, bringing the current year total to 2.09 million against a forecast of 12 million. 3DS software sits at 23.3 million units, with a target of 67 million by March 31, 2015.

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