Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Flight Attendants Don’t Want You To Play Games During Takeoff

A United States flight attendants union recently argued in court for an effective reversal of the government's new rules that allow people to use their electronics, including video game systems like the 3DS and PS Vita during all phases of flight. The Wall Street Journal report that that the Association of Flight Attendants wants the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to reverse its guidelines. They’ve said that small electronics can become projectiles during turbulence, and that people don’t pay attention to important safety announcements when they are distracted by those devices. A lawyer for the US government said in court that cellphones and other, similar devices aren't any more dangerous than books that passengers have always been allowed to keep out during all stages of flight. In October 2013, the FAA announced the new rules, which allowed for expanded passenger use of portable electronics during takeoffs and landings. Before this you had to turn off a stow these devices. Might as well ban in flight snacks and soda bottles on planes while you’re at it. Do you agree with the flight attendants or do you think that this is just a waste.

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