Friday, February 25, 2022

PlayStation 5 Screenshots And Clips Can Now Be Uploaded To The PlayStation App

Game captures such as images and videos have grown in popularity since the previous PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console generations. With the start of the current generation in 2020, it seemed evident that Sony and Microsoft would urge us to share our finest captures even more.

When it comes to downloading photographs and clips off the hard drive and onto your phone, for example, doing so on Xbox Series X/S and even Xbox One has been very simple. Simply capture what you want, and it will be instantly published to the official Xbox app in a matter of minutes. You may then save and save the image to your phone, making it simple to share on social media. Despite how many gamers requested this functionality, it wasn't feasible on PlayStation. Until now that is. 

PlayStation has made this capability available to PS5 gamers, as you can see in the video above. Of course, you'll need to activate it in your console's settings and the PlayStation App first, but after that, pictures and videos under three minutes in length will be posted to the PlayStation App automatically. They'll be there for 14 days, and you may save and save any images or videos you like to your mobile device during that period. And, like with Xbox game captures, this makes sharing your moments with friends and others on social media much easy.

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