Sunday, December 12, 2021

One Of Scuf's First PS5 Controllers Is Dedicated To First-Person Shooters

Scuf Gaming has officially entered the PS5 controller market, and its first offers may be worth it if you enjoy games like Call of Duty. Reflex, Corsair's first PS5 gamepad series, has a variation designed exclusively for first-person shooters. Reflex FPS adds immediate bumpers and triggers, as well as grippier surfaces and the removal of haptic feedback — in theory, you'll have a lighter control that won't interfere with your aim.

Four remappable paddles, a profile switch, removable faceplates, and interchangeable thumbsticks are all included in the FPS, normal Reflex, and Reflex Pro. The Pro adds a better grip to the FPS while keeping the adaptive triggers that some PS5 games require.

These controllers are designed for enthusiasts and competitive gamers, as evidenced by Scuf's cost. The basic Reflex costs $200, while the Reflex Pro and Reflex FPS cost $230 and $260, respectively. If you only want an alternative to the official DualSense pad, that's difficult to justify.

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