Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Epic Games Buys Harmonix To Improve In Game Concerts

Harmonix, the studio behind Rock Band and Dance Central, has been bought by Epic Games. In the near future, the two intend to develop "musical adventures for Fortnite."

Epic's interest in the studio makes a lot of sense when viewed in this light. Apart from many corporate agreements, Fortnite is best recognized for its virtual concerts at this moment. A number of prominent singers, including as Ariana Grande and Travis Scott, have sparked a lot of interest in the game in the previous two years. In the latter scenario, more than 12.3 people were watching Scott's performance at the same time.

Meanwhile, Harmonix says it will continue to support its current game lineup. This implies that Rock Band fans can expect more DLC, and Fuser fans can expect the studio to continue holding events. Also, any game that's currently available through Steam will continue to be sold through Valve's storefront.

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