Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Twitter Blue Subscription Launches In Canada And Australia First

 Twitter has confirmed its plans to offer monthly subscriptions in its app. The company’s new “Twitter Blue” service, which gives users access to “exclusive” features for a few bucks a month, is launching in Canada and Australia.

For now, Twitter Blue adds only a handful of additional features, including folders to organize bookmarks and a “reader mode” to make it easier to view long threads. There’s also an “undo tweet” feature. Twitter Blue also adds a few extra customization options to the app (Twitter Blue features are mobile only at the moment), like the ability to set a custom app icon and color themes. Subscriptions cost $3.49/month in Canada and $4.49/month in Australia. In a blog post, the company says that this is merely the “first iteration” of Twitter Blue, so it’s fair to expect that more features will be added over time. 

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