Thursday, May 21, 2020

Apple Glasses To Start At $499 With A Rumored Late 2021 Or Early 2022 Release

Apple leaker Jon Prosser reports that Apple’s upcoming augmented reality/virtual reality glasses and will indeed be called “Apple Glasses” with pricing starting at $499.
You’ll be able to order prescription lens for an extra charge. Prosser says that  displays in both lenses will respond to gestures and probably have wireless charging. 

As expected, the Apple Glasses will depend on a paired iPhone, similar to the original Apple Watch. Prosser says that an early prototype featured LiDAR, and that Apple is also considering a more traditional head-mounted display (HMD) akin to the Oculus Quest 
Prosser adds that the original plan was to debut the Apple Glasses this fall, but COVID-19 restrictions on in-person gatherings could push back the announcement to a March 2021 event with a late 2021 or early 2022 release date.
Here’s the the full rundown according to Prosser:
• Product name: Apple Glass
• $499 + cost of prescription lenses (if needed)
• Planned as “One More Thing” announcement in Q420 or Q121 (depends on COVID-19)
• Available to public in Q421 or Q122
• Prototype Prosser saw was plastic (final material could change)
• Processing done wirelessly by iPhone
• Meant to look like eyeglasses, not tech
• LiDAR on right temple, no cameras on prototype (privacy)
• Wirelessly charge on plastic stand
• Active displays in both lenses
• Apple Glass UI is called ‘Starboard’
• Controlled with gestures on and in front of frames
• Prototype scans proprietary Apple QR codes
• Only wearer can see the informational displays (look like normal lenses to everyone else)
• No sunglasses in first generation (displays do not yet work on tinted lenses)
• For those who opt-in, LiDAR data from 2020 iPad Pro is going to the Apple Glass team to make for the best possible Apple Glass experience at launch

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