Monday, October 28, 2019

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Recent Google Event

During Google’s Made by Google event, the company revealed a ton of new products, including the Google Pixel 4 / Google Pixel 4 XL, Google Pixel Buds and a new Google Home mini, now called the Nest Mini. Here’s everything you need to know.

The Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL and they both are the first smartphones to feature radar capabilities with Google's Motion Sense. This allows users to use their phones without touching them by sensing through materials and improving the gesture experience. It will know when you are reaching for your phone and can initiate face unlock, it can turn off your screen if you are not near the phone, swipes can skip music for you, and you can even wave your hand to snooze an alarm.

The Google Pixel 4 features 2 cameras and a new telephoto lens. Night Sight can now also be used for taking shots of the night sky. The Pixel 4's new Recorder app also "simultaneously transcribes speech and identifies sounds like music and applause." Google Pixel 4 features 6GB RAM, a 90hz display, and Pixel Neural Core, and Google's custom-built Titan M security chip. Google Pixel 4 will be available for $799 USD and the Google Pixel 4 will be available for $899 USD in three colors: Clearly White, Just Black, and the limited edition Oh So Orange. Both devices are available now.

Google Pixel Buds give its user instant access to Google Assistant and it features translations to foreign languages, Adaptive Sound that will adjust the volume depending on how loud the surroundings are. Google Pixel Buds also pair with Bluetooth 4.0+ laptops, tablets and iOS devices, and feature 5 hours of listening time on a single charge, with "up to 24 hours with the wireless charging case." They are also sweat and water resistant.  Google's wireless Google Pixel Buds will be available in Spring 2020 for $179.99 USD and arrive in four colors: Clearly White, Oh So Orange, Quite Mint, and Almost Black.

The Google Home Mini is now the Nest Mini and features a few upgrades from 2017's Home Mini. The Google Nest Mini has improved sound and bass that's "twice as strong as the original Google Home Mini." The Nest Mini also has LED lights that will only show when your hand gets near to indicate where you need to tap to adjust volume. Nest Mini will also dynamically adjust the volume of Google Assistant depending on background noise and can connect to other Nest speakers to build a whole home audio system. Stream transfer is also available and will allow users to move their music, audiobooks, and/or podcasts with them as they move around the home. The Google Nest Mini features the same design as the Google Home Mini and comes in four colors: Chalk, Charcoal, Coral, and Sky. Google Nest Mini is available now for $49.99 USD.

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