Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sony Doesn’t Do Cross-Platform Play Because PlayStation 4 Is “The Best Experience For Users”

The it comes to cross-platform play with competing consoles, Sony isn’t excalty doing so with open arms. Speaking at the recent IFA technology show in Berlin, Sony chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida explained that the company doesn’t entirely support the feature because it believes the PlayStation 4 provides a superior experience overall. Yoshida did, however, admit that competition with both Nintendo and Microsoft is necessary in order for the industry to continue moving forward.
“On cross-platform, our way of thinking is always that PlayStation is the best place to play. Fortnite, I believe, partnered with PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users, that’s our belief,” he said, according to Press Association. “But actually, we already opened some games as cross-platform with PC and some others, so we decide based on what is the best user experience. That is our way of thinking for cross-platform.” He added: “I think competition is always good. Healthy, fair competition is always good for the industry and growth. I think competition with Nintendo and Xbox is a healthy situation.”

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