Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Apple Launches Apple Music For Artists

Apple has launched Apple Music for Artists, a dashboard designed to provide acts with hundreds of data points that provide analytical insight into their fans’ listening and buying habits, According to Billboard. The initial beta rollout involves a few thousand artists who will test the product and see what adjustments and expansions, if any, should be made. Beta testing is expected to end in the spring with “several million” artists using it with content on the iTunes and Apple Music platforms. Later plans call for a mobile app. The Apple Music for Artists’ navigable dashboard’s home page provides artists with their current number of plays, spins, song purchases and album purchases. The user can specify the time period ranging from the past 24 hours to the 2015 launch of Apple Music. An Insights panel showcases key milestones via bullet points that highlight such information as all-time number of plays and purchases for specific songs or cumulatively. 

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