Thursday, July 20, 2017

Around 2/3 Of All iPhones Are Still Being Used

According to data from Newzoo, nearly 2/3 of iPhones sold since the 2007 launch remain in use. The market intelligence firm says that 728 million Apple smartphones remained in use as of April, which represents about 63% of all iPhones sold in the past decade. 1/4 of cell phones used around the world were iPhones, but iPhone sales only accounted for 15% of April global smartphone shipments. Approximately 228 million (about 31%) of the in-use Apple smartphones are in China with the US market coming in second with 120 million (16%), according to Newzoo. The iPhone 6 remains the most popular with 21% of the market with the newer iPhone 7 coming in at 11%. 

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