Thursday, June 22, 2017

Original Voice Actors Being Replaced For Resident Evil 2 Remake

According to the original voice actress of Claire Redfield (Alyson Court), Capcom has chosen to use non-union actors to voice Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong for the Resident Evil 2 remake. Following a fan campaign for her return, she was contacted about reprising the role, but the company tasked with providing voiceover for the game in the US reportedly chose to take a different approach. “I would have done it," Court explained in a YouTube video, "because I know you guys wanted me to, and I really appreciate your support. I appreciate the outrage you had towards Capcom and everybody involved. But unfortunately, as far as I know they chose to go non-union with the voice performances.” Court explained that this decision was made prior to the start of the ongoing video game voice actors' strike, and that using non-union actors was unrelated to that. Leon Kennedy actor Matt Mercer and Ada Wong actress Courtenay Taylor have both tweeted that their experiences are the same as Court's, and that they will not be returning either. It's not yet clear who will be replacing the voice actors.

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