Monday, December 5, 2016

The Last Of Us Part II Revealed, Is A Game About Hate

During the PlayStation Experience press conference, Naughty Dog closed the conference by showing a trailer for The Last of Us Part II. The trailer showed Ellie playing a guitar, and we got a glimpse of Joel, before Ellie said, "I'm going to kill them all." We hope she's not talking about us. Creative director Neil Druckmann has this to say, "Like many of you, we have a deep love for the world of The Last of Us and its characters, and while a sequel may have seemed like a foregone conclusion, that wasn’t the case,". "We knew that it needed to be a story worth telling and, perhaps more importantly, a story worthy of Joel and Ellie. After spending years on different ideas (and almost giving up), we finally uncovered a story that felt special, a story that evolved into an epic journey." There was also a Last of Us Part II panel, were Druckmann said "this game is about hate," where as the first game was about love and friendship and the bond between them. He then unveiled that the sequel is played via Ellie's perspective. Taking place a few years after the last game, Ellie is now 19. Druckmann said he feels the same way some fans do about revisiting these characters. He believes in this new story so much, explaining that Last of Us is Ellie and Joel's story, and no one else's. Bruce Straley (co-director of the first The Last of Us title and Uncharted 4) is taking a break from developer Naughty Dog, leaving colleague Neil Druckmann in the director's chair for The Last of Us 2. A Sony statement to Kotaku read, "Bruce recently decided to take some much deserved time off after shipping two critically acclaimed games in the last few years. He's looking forward to returning to the studio soon and jumping back in on his next project." Thoughts ?

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