Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The 2016 MacBook Pro Doesn’t Have The Iconic Start Up Chime

Beside taking current ports away, there's something else that Apple has taken away from its new MacBook Pro, the startup chime. Sadly, the iconic F-sharp chord that accompanies the boot-up whir of previous MacBooks will turn themselves on and boot up when you open them. So while the power button still turns the machine off, there's no need to use it to turn it on. According to Apple, the automatic start-up kicks in when you start up your MacBook Pro by opening it or plugging it in, when connecting it to power while the lid is open, and even when it's closed if you've connected the machine to an external display. Apple's support notes, added it brings the MacBook series in line with the rest of the Apple product family: there's not startup noise on iPhones, iPads or the Apple Watch.  It makes me sad to hear that Apple would take away such an iconic sound and something that makes a Mac, a Mac. On a happier note, you can re-able the sound through the Terminal app on your Mac. 

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