Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Junichi Masuda Says The Main Pokemon Games Will Always Be On Handhelds

Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda has reiterated that the main Pokemon games will remain on dedicated handhelds and won’t be shifting to mobile or traditional home console anytime soon. Masuda says that handheld consoles allow them to further achieve the vision they have had for the franchise since its inception. “When coming up with the idea of Pokémon, what we really wanted to create was something where people could get together and have fun trading, battling, showing off their Pokémon collection, and just talking about their own adventures with the game. Handheld consoles and devices offer us the best way to achieve this vision.” “We want Pokémon to be a means of communication. What I really want to do is to connect people, then help them form great memories by experiencing these distributions and such in certain places. I think of it like having a meal. By itself, a meal is usually pretty forgettable – it can be hard to even remember what you had for lunch yesterday! But if you go for a meal with a close friend at a restaurant you love, you’ll remember that meal for a long time. I want to give people memorable Pokémon experiences with one another.”

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