Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sonic Mania Gets A Cool Collectors Edition (UPDATED)

Sega has announced a collectors edition for Sonic Mania. You can preorder your copy of the collector's edition here. The bundle will cost $69.99 and includes a download key for the game via a metal card, a 12" statue of Sonic standing on a Genesis (complete with "Sega" startup sound), a replica Genesis cart (with golden ring), and a collector's box. It should also noted that the collectors edition is only coming North America at this time. 

UPDATE 10/18/16 - It looks like the collectors edition will be available outside of North America after all. In a press release, Sega Europe announced that the collectors edition will be coming to Amazon in the UK, Germany, France and Spain. “We’ve been thrilled with the European fan excitement surrounding Sonic Mania,” said Sonic's chief brand officer, Ivo Gerscovich. “While we weren’t able to announce the Sonic Mania Collector’s Edition simultaneously with North America, we are now pleased to announce it’s available for pre-order for Europe. Our fans across the world are important to us.”

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