Monday, September 5, 2016

Harmonix Details Rock Band Rivals’ Rivals Mode

Harmonix has provided new details on the new Rivals Mode that will be featured in Rock Band Rivals. Rivals will feature the new Rivals Hub, where you can find information about your crew. Within the Rivals Hub, there are two types of songs: Weekly Challenge Songs and Spotlight Songs. Weekly Challenge Songs contribute to your overall Crew XP, which will then increase your standing amongst other Crews in a similar tier. Spotlight Songs require you to get a high score on a specific instrument. The average percentile of your Spotlight Score and your Crew XP will determine your Rivals Points, which in turn are used to promote or demote your crew to or from a tier. You’ll also be given a skill ranking for your individual instrument on each song on a scale of 0-1000. A crew can consists of 10 players and all the instruments would be represented. For those who don’t play on expert all the time, there’s still a way to be helpful to the crew. By playing weekly challenge songs you can contribute to your Crew XP and help the crew move up to the next tier. Rock Band will also be launching the Rock Band Companion App for iOS and Android that will allow you to access the Rivals Hub in your pocket and let you easily communicate with your crew members.

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