Friday, July 15, 2016

The NES Mini Will ONLY Be Supporting The 30 Games It Comes With

Nintendo has clarified that the NES Classic Edition is not compatible with your old game cartridges, it won’t support external storage or connect to the internet. According to Polygon there is a USB port on the system, but it is "only used to power the system with the included AC adapter." No one should really be surprised by this. It was obvious that when Nintendo announced this earlier in the day that this system was made to: 

A. Have a younger audience experience what the NES was like and give them some essential games to play
B. Capitalize on nostalgia
C. Celebrate and preserve the NES

Now when I say preserve I mean keeping as it was, not giving it an upgrade to have WIFI so you can download more NES games from an online store. Think about it, it’s called CLASSIC EDITION for a reason. If it was called NES Online or something of that nature then that would totally make sense. What do you think about the NES Mini only having the 30 games it comes with on it ?

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