Monday, July 11, 2016

Pokemon GO’s Location And Battery Issues Are Being Addressed

Pokemon GO developer Niantic Labs has acknowledged that Pokemon GO has had a  issues following its release, and is assuring fans that it's continuing to tweak the game. One major problem players have faced is excessive battery drain. Niantic doesn't have a fix just yet, but is actively working on a solution. The developer is also continually working to improve its GPS accuracy and stability. According to Niantic, GPS accuracy depends on the device its connection strength. To improve this, Niantic suggests players make sure Pokemon GO has location permissions enabled. Also, the GPS should be set to high-accuracy mode. Another known bug include PokeCoins and premium items not appearing in a player's account, along with trainer progression resets and distorted audio. For disappearing items, Niantic suggests players log out of Pokemon Go and restart their device. What do you think of Pokemon GO ?

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