Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Pokemon GO Launching In Japan Tomorrow + McDonalds In Japan Will Be Sponsored Gyms [UPDATED]

According to Tech Crunch, Pokemon GO will finally launch in Japan tomorrow. No doubt the servers for the game will take a hammering given the population of Japan and how many new player there will be. Also with the game laughing in Japan, McDonalds will be the first launch partner with its 3,000 plus fast food restaurants across Japan becoming sponsored gyms. No less than 3000 McDonald's restaurants will be featured in the app as Pokemon Gyms. This makes more sense then the McDonald's being PokeStops, as with Gyms you kinda need to stick around a bit to battle in that gym, were as will PokeStops you can just swipe, get your items and thats it. All of the 3000 restaurants will be located within Japan - although the suggestion is that, if this  is successful, it will be replicated elsewhere. It should be noted that Pokemon GO developer Niantic has yet to officially confirm the launch in Japan. 

UPDATE 7/20/16 -Pokemon GO was scheduled to launch in Japan today, but is reportedly been delayed after a McDonalds email leak. According to Tech Crunch's translation, Nikkei is currently reporting that Japanese launch will come tomorrow, July 21 instead, although no official confirmation or statement has been given.

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