Thursday, December 10, 2015

Walmart Announces Walmart Pay For iOS

Walmart today introduced its own mobile payments service called "Walmart Pay" built into its Walmart app on iOS and Android (Walmart Pay for Android is coming soon). The payments service will roll out in select Walmart stores in the U.S. this month, followed by a nationwide launch within the first half of 2016. Walmart Pay is QR code-based and will involve opening the Walmart app, selecting Walmart Pay, activating the camera, scanning the code displayed at the register. An electronic receipt will automatically be sent to the Walmart app. Walmart is among a handful of retailers that have refused to support Apple Pay since its U.S. launch in October 2014. Walmart's future plans to support Apple Pay or other payment service remain undisclosed, but the company's senior vice president of services Daniel Eckert said Walmart Pay allows "for integration of other mobile wallets in the future." Is Walmart just being stubborn for not allowing customers to use Apple Pay, or is there more to the story ? What do you think ? 

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