Monday, October 19, 2015

Steam Link And Controller Doesn’t Work With Some Macs

According to an email obtained by Eurogamer, Valve as confirmed that the Steam Link isn't working at all with Macs. The Steam Controller doesn't currently support gamepad emulation on Macs, though people running the Steam Beta client should be able to use keyboard or mouse emulation. Valve blamed "temporary software issues" for the situation, and promised that the Controller's Mac gamepad emulation should work within a few weeks. For compensation Valve is gifting the Valve Complete Pack, which normally costs $100 and includes all of Valve's games, even unreleased titles. People who choose to return the hardware have 60 days instead of the usual 30, and can still keep the Complete Pack. For those who don’t know The Steam Link is used to stream games from any computer running Steam to a TV, where people can also hook up gamepads for a console like experience. What do you think of Steam Link and the Steam controller ? Seems like a awesome devices but i’d like to get my hands on it before I get it my 2 cents. 

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