Thursday, July 2, 2015

This Controller Will Make The Wii U GameCube Adapter Unnecessary

Hyperkin is currently testing a GameCube like Wii U wireless controller that will be fully compatible with Wii U Pro Controller titles. Unlike Nintendo’s proprietary Wii U GameCube controllers, the ProCube is able to sync via the same method as a Wiimote or Wii U Pro Controller, making the “Wii U GameCube Adapter” completely unnecessary. Even more interesting, the controller is fully compatible with any of the 130+ Wii U Pro Controller titles, meaning you can use this modified GameCube controller with games such as Mario Kart 8,Bayonetta 2 or The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker just to name a few titles. The ProCube is still in its prototype stages with the price expected to be between $30-40, with no definite release date. The title of this article  speaks for itself. I really don’t see the point of getting the Wii U GameCube Adapter after this controller comes out. I see this as a must buy if you’re a fan of the Gamecube controller and want to play Wii U games with something similar to one. What do you think ?

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