Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Nintendo Is Focused on Prioritizing Wii U And 3DS Owners

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has said the company will not abandon the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U audiences to focus on its next console, codenamed NX. Speaking in an investor meeting, Iwata said it wouldn't be efficient for the company to cut loose its existing audiences. "The NX is new hardware, and will start from zero". "However, the 3DS and Wii U have install bases. Immediately cutting off software for previous hardware upon the release of a new machine is inefficient." "We will continue making 3DS and Wii U software while preparing for the NX," he added. "We are prioritizing satisfying customers who purchased the Wii U. Nintendo is expected to talk more about codenamed NX sometime in 2016. This is really smart on Nintendo’s part as launching a console with an already established fanbase can be hard. What do you think ?  

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