Thursday, June 4, 2015

Knock Off Amiibo’s Are Starting To Appear Online

As more and more Amiibo’s are being releases, certain Amiibo’s are reportedly showing differences between how they look, and how they actually should look. Reports of the counterfeit Mario, Link, Samus and Pikachu Amiibo have surfaced on Info Amiibo. According to the site, the knock off items have appeared in online stores, as well as some Brazilian marketplaces. The knock off Amiibo’s are merely cosmetic, and lack the NFC chip to function like Nintendo's Amiibo. As for the appearance and materials of the counterfeit versions, there are many give aways to see that they are fake. Link's face is distorted, Pikachu's arms are completely fused to his body, Samus' head is far smaller than it should be, and Mario's overalls are made of a different texture and the fireball is not as transparent. The packaging of the knock offs is also different than the Amiibo’s released by Nintendo. Have a look for yourself with the pictures in this article.

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