Thursday, June 18, 2015

GameStop Thrilled About Xbox One Having Backward Compatibility

GameStop is thrilled about Microsoft's news to bring backward compatibility on Xbox One. According to a GameSpot , director of merchandising Eric Bright said the new feature will "breathe new life" into Xbox 360 games. "Microsoft, at this E3, decided to introduce backward compatibility into their system. That's obviously something people are looking for," Bright said. "And GameStop will be ready, whether you're looking to purchase Xbox 360 games or trade yours in, we'll be there." "I think it breathes whole new life into Xbox 360 games that possibly consumers may not have thought about before," he added. "A huge catalog of your favorites will be available on the Xbox One." Its not a surprise that GameStop is happy with this news as its great for a company in the business of selling used games. There will definitely be a boom in Xbox 360 games sales, weather it be from gamers buying back old games or gamers buying games they’ve never played before. What do you think of this news ? wondering what Sony thinks of the Xbox One having backward compatibility ? Click here.

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