Friday, May 29, 2015

Google Cardboard Is Now Available On iOS

Google announced at I/O the other day that it would be bringing Google Cardboard to iOS. For those who don’t whatCardboard is, it’s Googles promise of bringing affordable virtual reality to everyone . All it requires is a cardboard viewer that you can either make yourself or buy for $20. If you’re interested, Google showcases a number of "Works with Cardboard" viewers on its website that vary in price and design. Or you can find directions to make your own here. Cardboard works with any iPhone 5 or newer model. There’s Explorer, which lets you explore various environments. Google also said that it’s bringing its Cardboard SDK to iOS, which means third-party developers will be able to build apps and games for the 3D platform. I’m wondering if this could be better then the Oculus rift. What do you think ? It’s definitely is worth trying. 

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