Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Nintendo Making Games For Mobile With The Help Of DeNA

Today Nintendo and DeNA announced a partnership to bring Nintendo IP’s to mobile devices. The games that DeNA will be working on are completely new, not ports of existing titles. All of Nintendo's intellectual property is open to the mobile company to tap for its creations. Nintendo continues to hope that its mobile presence will drive interest in its dedicated video game console devices, something the company has stated as a goal for entering the smartphone and tablet space. DeNA will also be developing a membership service for Nintendo that will be accessible on PC, 3DS, and Wii U. The as yet unnamed service is targeted for launch later this year, however it was not specified if this will be a regional rollout or if the duo will attempt worldwide release. As part of this arrangement, the 2 companies are exchanging capital investments. Nintendo is set to acquire 15,081,000 shares of DeNA stock at a total value of ¥22 billion ($181.36 million). DeNA will acquire the same cash value of Nintendo stock, totaling 1,759,400 shares or 1.24 percent of outstanding shares. Some recent games by DeNA are Transformers mobile and Final Fantasy Record Keeper. What do you think of this partnership ? Are you excited to play Mario on your smartphone ? 

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