Thursday, December 11, 2014

Untied Airlines To Give Flight Attendants An iPhone 6 Plus

United Airlines announced that they will provide an iPhone 6 Plus to each of its flight attendants to enable them to better provide flyer friendly services. The airline is set to distribute iPhone 6 Plus units to more than 23,000 flight attendants during Q2 of 2015. The devices will be equipped with a variety of tools relevant to the functions of the aircraft stewards and stewardesses. “Upon introduction, the devices will have the ability to handle most onboard retail transactions and will enable access to company email, and the company’s Intranet as well as policies and procedures manuals,” send by a United Airlines representative. “Future enhancements include replacing the flight attendants’ printed safety manual with an electronic version on their iPhones and providing real-time reporting and improved follow up on aircraft cabin issues and repairs,” the airline adds. “United plans to develop a number of customer focused tools for the device.” What do you think of this news ? Of all the phones out there why the iPhone 6 Plus ?

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