Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple Announces Apple Watch

Apple today announced the Apple Watch. Apple's Watch is designed to be both fashionable and functional, available in an array of different color and materials with six different types of watch straps that are easily interchangeable. Prices for the device, which will be available in early 2015 for a starting price of $349.  There are six different Watch face colors and materials: Stainless Steel, Silver Aluminum, 18-Karat Yellow Gold, Black Stainless Steel, Space Gray and 18-Karat Rose Gold. Each of the watches is available in two separate screen sizes for different sized wrists: 38mm and 42mm, and the watches have a flexible, durable sapphire display. Apple's Watch uses unique input methods, taking advantage of the traditional watch dial or crown, which Apple refers to as a digital crown. This scroll type wheel allows users to zoom and scroll through various user interface elements. A new custom designed chip, the S1 processor, integrates many subsystems into one singular module. The back of the watch is constructed from zirconia with four sapphire lenses that can detect pulse rate. There is also a gyroscope and accelerometer, which helps the Apple Watch provide a comprehensive picture of daily activity.The back of the device is also the home of Apple's charging solution, which uses a MagSafe with inductive charging. The user will not have to worry about exposed contacts or aligning the charger properly. The Watch does include support for NFC, and it will function with Apple Pay, which lets users make secure payments from the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus, and Apple Watch. applewatch1

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