Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Genki Adds Bluetooth Audio To The Nintendo Switch

Ever wanted to use wireless bluetooth headphones with your Nintendo Switch? The Kickstarter for Genki might just be the answer. It's a $39 USB-C Bluetooth dongle for the Nintendo Switch. You can pair two headsets to it, and apparently the whole setup shouldn't add much too lag (40ms) between what you see on screen and what you hear like a traditional Bluetooth audio signal would. One downside is that the Genki draws power from the Switch itself, which means if your battery goes low on a flight, you can't recharge the system and use the dongle simultaneously.
Because it uses the USB-C port, if you have the system docked and still want to use Genki's wireless audio (the Kickstarter page says 60 feet of range), you'll have to either pay an additional $10 for a USB dock adapter, or another $20 to get a Genki, adapter and passive stand.
Designer Human Things says that it'll be ready to ship by October. Genki has struck a chord with folks, though, with nearly 6,000 backers pledging $307,676 as of this writing. The original campaign goal was a paltry $30,000. But, while this project doesn't run the risk of not hitting the finish line, as we've seen  before.
It should be noted that Nintendo added USB audio support to the Switch in a firmware update. So, while you could back this, know that other options are available. Who knows maybe by the time this ships Nintendo will add native bluetooth audio to the switch. Thoughts ?

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