Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Twelve South Launches AirFly

Twelve South has launched the AirFly, a device allows you to use your AirPods or any wireless headphones anywhere that a wire was previously required. Now you can plug into in-flight entertainment systems, TV’s at the gym or anywhere.
The  AirFly allows wireless headphones to work with wired headphone jacks. It airs AirPods (or other wireless sets) with in-flight entertainment systems.

It sports a built-in battery that lasts up to eight hours and recharges via USB. For those planes with the headphone jack next to the USB in the seatback, you can plug both the audio and the charging cables in at the same time to ensure you’re ready to go when you board the next leg of your journey. The AirFly, which comes with a travel pouch, is currently available on and also on Amazon and is available for $39.99. In addition, the AIrFly is available in Best Buy Express Machines and InMotion shops in most major airports.

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