Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ice Climbers, Simon Belmont And Ridley Rumored To Be In Super Smash Bros On Switch

The Reddit user that claimed that Retro Studios is working on Star Fox Grand Prix for the Nintendo Switch is back and this time he has Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch info to share. DasVergeben says we should expect the Ice Climbers, Simon Belmont and also Ridley to appear in the upcoming game for Nintendo’s latest platform. Of course, this is all rumor territory at present. We’ll find out for sure at E3 2018 next month.
“I know for sure and from one of my most credible and proven sources (the one who told me about Metroid Prime 4 being developed by Bandai Namco before anyone else said or knew anything about that) is that Ridley is a newcomer, the game is in-fact a sequel, but there will be assets being reused to some extent(s).”
“From a different source that I have also known to get things right in the short time that I have known them, there will be the return of Ice Climbers and a new Konami rep…. Simon Belmont. They say that they know that Ridley will be revealed at E3. I was even told by them that everyone is coming back from Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS. That includes all of the guests. But it otherwise will be a new game. Which I found interesting there will in-fact be no cuts.”

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