Monday, May 14, 2018

Alleged Xbox One Controller Focused On Accessibility Leaked [UPDATE] Officially Revealed

What looks to be a new accessibility-focused Xbox One peripheral has been allegedly leaked. The controller looks to have two large customizable pads as well as a modified layout of the Xbox One controller's d-pad and menu buttons. Microsoft leaker WalkingCat posted the below image on Twitter without a caption. While no other info is known, it can be assumed that the two large pads can be mapped to said functions to create an accessible experience for players unable to use the boxed controller. A USB port and 3.5mm jack can also be seen on the side of the device. Thoughts ? The more people how can experience video games the better. Good on the Xbox team for making video games more inclusive.

UPDATE 5/17/18 - Microsoft has officially unveiled the Xbox Adaptive Controller. Microsoft says that the controller "can be connected to external buttons, switches, joysticks and mounts, giving gamers with a wide range of physical disabilities the ability to customize their setups." The Xbox Adaptive Controller will cost $99.99 and will be available later this year.

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