Thursday, April 26, 2018

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Update Adds Balance Changes, Map Selection, And Much More

Bluehole and PUBG Corp. have released one of the biggest updates for PlayerUnkowns Battlegrounds on PC today. The latest feature addition is the ability to select which map you want to play, between Erangel and Miramar. Players can choose to play exclusively on one map or select multiple maps for the game to randomly choose from. The latter option does not have a lot of novel use right now, with only Erangel and Miramar as available choices, but there is room for the third map, Savage,  currently in testing to be added. A new weapon has been added to the roster, the SLR. The weapon functions similarly to the SKS, but is a bit more powerful with proportional recoil. A new muscle car, the Mirado, also joins in on the offroad searches for a chicken dinner exclusively in Miramar. You can find the full patch notes here.

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