Friday, April 13, 2018

Currency Transfer, Port-A-Fort Grenade And More Added To Latest Fortnite Update

The latest Fortnite update adds a new item that drastically changes building in Battle Royale, as well as adds new things to the game's Save the World mode. The new update adds the Port-A-Fort grenade in Battle Royale, which immediately creates defensive forts for players without the need to build. Battle Royale is also getting a replay system, so players can view their previous match in all sorts of different angles. There are also options for different angles in the settings to help automate that cinematic feel. The 50 vs. 50 Battle Royale mode will be making a return, as well, turning battle royale into a two-team match. Survive the World is coming back with new quest lines, XP adjustments, and adjustments to existing quests. A new questline titled Into the Storm: Opening Act is being introduced with a new map and an introduction to the new line of neon skins. Last but certainly not least, currency can now transfers between Xbox One, PC, and Mobile. It’s unknown if the same will apply to PlayStation 4, PC, and Mobile.

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