Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Vive Pro Will Cost $799, Original Vive Dropping To $499

HTC has announced the Vive Pro will retail for $799. Pre-orders will begin shipping on April 5. Also, anyone who purchases a Pro before June 3 will receive a free 6 month subscription to Viveport, which lets customers choose 5 free games per month to play from a selection of games (anyone who buys one within 60 days of release will get a two-month subscription). The price of Viveport will also be increasing to $8.99 per month after March 22, Current subscribers are locked in at the current $7.99 price point until the end of the year. The company isn't leaving out the original Vive, as the price is dropping to $499. The Pro makes a number of improvements on the original Vive, it increases the headset's resolution to 2880 x 1600 across both eyes (up from the Vive's 2160 x 1200), adds integrated headphones, better microphones and cameras, and makes the headband more comfortable and adjustable.

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