Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Heres Whats Coming In The Xbox One Update This Spring

Microsoft has announced a number of updates coming to Xbox One later this spring. Xbox Insider Alpha testers can try out these features right now. Xbox One S and X will support displays with FreeSync, a TV and monitor technology that lets the monitor synchronize its refresh rate according to the game. This will result in less framerate stuttering and tearing. All Xbox Ones will also support Low Latency mode, a feature that will automatically remove post-processing effects some TVs use to make images look sharper when games are being played, reducing input latency while playing games, then restore them when you go back to watching TV or movies. The update also includes the ability to post videos and screenshots on Twitter. Players will also be able to share their controller with viewers while streaming on Mixer, Microsoft's livestreaming platform. Viewers will be able to use a either an on-screen or physical controller to play a streamer's game while watching on their PC.

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