Monday, February 26, 2018

iTunes Store Will Stop Working On Original Apple TV and Older PCs Starting May 25

Apple has published a new support document noting that security changes being implemented on May 25 will prevent the first-generation Apple TV and PCs running Windows XP or Vista from using the iTunes Store. Apple has also begun emailing users with active first-generation Apple TVs to warn them of the upcoming change. The first-generation Apple TV based on a traditional hard drive was introduced back in 2007 and was supplanted by the much smaller flash-based second-generation model in late 2010. The first-generation model was made obsolete by Apple in late 2015. As for PC users, Apple notes that PCs running Windows XP or Vista are no longer supported by Microsoft and are unable to use the latest versions of iTunes, as iTunes 12 requires Windows 7 or later. Older versions of Windows and iTunes won't be able to make new purchases or re-download previous purchases from the iTunes Store. 

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