Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sony Announces Monster Hunter And White PlayStation 4 Pros Are Coming To North America

Sony has announced that 2 new colored PlayStation 4 Pros are coming to North America. White and a Monster Hunter-themed black with a logo and colored controller, will be available in the coming weeks. The white PlayStation 4 Pro was originally included only in a Destiny 2 bundle, marking the first time a color other than Jet Black was made available for the Pro. Those who already own Destiny 2 or didn't want to purchase the bundle can now buy the system itself separately for $399.99. The Monster Hunter bundle features a PlayStation 4 Pro bearing a special Monster Hunter design of a Rathalos, a unique red controller, and Monster Hunter World for $449.99. Officially named The Rathalos Edition, the console will be available on January 26 in very limited quantities, the same day as the game itself. Both consoles are exclusive to Gamestop and come equipped with 1TB hard drives.

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