Thursday, December 7, 2017

New Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer Teases Content For The Last Jedi

With the release of Star Wars:The Last Jedi on the horizon (which releases on December 15), the rollout of Star Wars Battlefront II's free, post-release content has begun. Players can already join The First Order or Resistance and contribute to larger faction challenges, and on December 13 Finn and Phasma are available to unlock as heroes via the in-game currency. The game's latest trailer highlights the two, the new Crait and D'Qar maps, and also offers a glimpse of Iden Versio in the single-player Resurrection episode. Heroes Finn and Phasma are free to everyone for multiplayer, but they require in-game credits to unlock. How many, however, is unknown at this time. The Crait map itself shown off in the trailer below contains the Resistance speeders and The First Order's gorilla walkers, and possibly shows that the main infantry battle will take place under the planet's surface.

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