Thursday, July 20, 2017

You Can’t Use Your Phone For Other Things When Using The Nintendo Switch Online App

Ars Technica isn’t  impressed with Nintendos Switch Online app. Ars says that the application works in the foreground and not the background meaning that you can’t do anything else on your phone while using the voice chat feature like swiping down to check your notifications and messages. If you do, so you’ll be disconnected from the chat. Here’s a few quotes from their write-up of the app:

  • Voice chat cannot run in the background while using your phone for other purposes such as “texts, social media, etc
  • What’s more, early testing confirms that the app won’t work if your phone goes into power-saving “sleep mode,” with the screen inactive. And don’t bother trying to use the app to chat with your Switch friends while away from the system, either: you can only join chat rooms with people when you’re actively playing a specific, supported game with them.
  • Everything from Skype to Discord to the built-in phone app on your smartphone lets you continue talking to others while doing other things with the phone. For Nintendo to require its app to run in the foreground when other apps prove it’s not necessary is just strange.

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