Saturday, July 29, 2017

Looks Like Lucioball Will Be Returning In Overwatch

If new leaked Overwatch achievements on Xbox One are to be believe, Lucioball will returning soon. The achievements appeared in the Overwatch list after the latest patch. Three achievements were added, Safe Hands, which is achieved when a player scores 3 saves in a row in Lucioball, Volley, achieved when a player scores a goal in Lucioball with a shot taken from at least 3 meters in the air and Lucio Hat Trick, where a player must score a goal, a save, and an assist in a game of Lucioball. Lucioball was introduced during Overwatch's Summer Games in 2016. 

A 3v3 game where all players are Lucios. The goal is to get the ball into the net and defend your goal from the other team. It's been speculated that Lucioball and Summer Games will return this summer, and these new achievements all but confirm it. Blizzard has not yet mentioned the return of Summer Games, but many expect it to arrive sometime in August. Nationality-inspired Overwatch skins were released alongside the Summer Games event last year, and it's unclear if they will return again. This isn't the first time Microsoft has leaked an Overwatch event on Xbox One. Back in April, an image from the Overwatch Uprising event was displayed on Xbox Live before the event went live. These definitely aren't the old achievements from last year, either. Not one player has unlocked the achievements yet. Thoughts ? Are you excited to see Lucioball return ? I know I am.

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