Sunday, August 21, 2016

Is This The PS4 Slim Or PS4 Neo ?

After announcing that a PlayStation Meeting will be taking place in September, there has been many rumors and speculation on what will be announced at the event. Now, images have appeared online of what many believe to be a redesigned PlayStation 4, and isn’t the all powerful PS4 Neo. The first images came from Twitter user "shortman82", who seemed to have found a listing for the new model in his local classifieds on eBay-owned auction site Gumtree. The conversation then moved over to NeoGAF, which argued over whether the alleged photos of the box art were real. A few hours later and NeoGAF user "Venom Fox" began posting images of the unit outside of its box from multiple angles, along with pictures of all the accompanying cables. If this is real, the PS4 Slim looks kinda like a giant PS Vita TV, maybe it’s just me. I really don’t see the point of a slim model. The PS4 is small as is, only thing they really need to fix is how loud the fans can get (I believe the models after the systems launch have fixed this issue). They really should just have the Neo replace the current PS4 so gamers going forward all have the same console instead of everyone being on a different playing field. Also, who’s to say that this isn’t the PS4 Neo? We honestly don’t know what the system looks like. We just see a smaller console and assume its the slim version. What are you’re thoughts on these images ? What about a PS4 Slim and everything else I’ve talked about ?

UPDATE 8/22/16 - If the video below is to be believed, then the PS4 controller that comes with the alleged  PS4 Slim will have an additional tiny light bar across the touchpad of the controller, meaning you'll actually be able to see it now. My biggest question about this is what’s the purpose ? Will it help will light bar tracking for PS VR ? Guess we gotta wait for that PlayStation Event In September. Thoughts ?

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