Friday, August 19, 2016

Dead Rising 4 Is Getting Some Retailer Exclusive Pre Order DLC

Microsoft has released a list of the retailer exclusive DLC incentives for Dead Rising 4. All of these are for North American stores only. Pre-ordering the game from the Microsoft Store grants access to the X-fists. These oversized legally-distinct-from-Hulk Hands are a melee weapon that can be used while in Frank's Exo Suit which boosts Frank's strength for 2 minutes.
Pre-ordering from GameStop grants you access to the Steampunk Snowman, which freezes enemies in place and sets them up to be shattered.
Pre-ordering from Best Buy grants you access to the Candy Cane Crossbow.
Last but not least, pre-ordering the game from Amazon grants you access to the Slicecycle, a motorcycle with twin chainsaws strapped to the handlebars. 

I honestly don’t understand why there’s so much pre-order DLC for this game. But then again this is nothing new for Capcom, just look at how spread out the pre-order DLC was for Street Fighter V. I’ll never see the point of retailer exclusive DLC, but hey what cha gonna do. What are your thoughts on Dead Rising 4 having so much pre-order DLC ?

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