Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Sony Unlocks 7th Processing Core In PS4 For Developers

Both the PS4 and Xbox One use an 8-core AMD processor, 2 of those cores were reserved in either console for background operations and the operating system to function. To help boost the performance of the Xbox One, Microsoft unlocked more GPU bandwidth and the 7th core on the Xbox One late last year. While this did give developers more performance to use, this resulted in the loss of a few features including voice commands and saying goodbye to Kinect functionality. Since then, the Xbox One performance has been closer to PS4, but still can’t match up with most games and games run at a lower FPS. Now Sony has released a new Software Development Kit (SDK) to developers that unlocks the 7th processor core on the PS4. This will definitely lead to the PS4 having the upper hand once again. What does this mean of each console ? How long will it take to see the effect of the 7th processing core being unlocked ? 

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