Monday, October 5, 2015

Apple Is The Most Valuable Brand on The Interbrand's List And Nintendo Doesn’t Make The Cut

Apple takes the #1 spot in Interbrand's annual ranking of the world's most valuable brands, a position it has held since 2013. Apple has held the position since 2013 when it knocked Coca-Cola out of the top spot. Following close behind Apple is Google is 2nd,  Microsoft in 4th and Samsung in 7th. Apple has grown in brand value a total of 43%, earning it one of Interbrand's as the company increased from $118.9 billion last year to $170.3 billion in this year's list, up a total of about $51.4 billion in brand valuation from 2014 to 2015. In other news on the Interbrand's list, Nintendo is off go the list. This is the first time that Nintendo hasn’t been added since the list was created back in 2001. The list looks as a number of factors including the financial performances of companies as well as how well their brand is resonating with consumers. Interbrand Japan CEO Yuki Wada says that Nintendo failed to make the list due to the fact that they’re playing catch up with other console manufacturers and are therefore not keeping up with the changes in people’s lives. What do you think of the list ?

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