Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Pilot An X-Wing Or TIE Fighter This October In Star Wars: Squadrons

EA and developer Motive Studios have announced Star Wars: Squadrons, a new dogfighting game that puts you in the cockpit of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter. Set after the Battle of Endor, Star Wars: Squadrons features both a multiplayer component and a single-player campaign. For the campaign, Motive is creating a new story that unfolds from the perspective of what the studio calls "two  customizable pilots," one for the Republic's Vanguard Squadron and another for the Empire's Titan Squadron. 
The multiplayer features 5v5 dogfighting and Motive has provided the framework for one of the multiplayer modes called Fleet Battles. Playing multiplayer will reward you with experience points that eventually lead to ranks being earned, which in turn give you new weapons, engines, shields, and hulls. Customizable options are handed out to change the look of your pilot, ship exterior, and cockpit interior.

Star Wars: Squadrons will release on October 2 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store, and Origin) with cross-platform support. The PlayStation 4 and PC versions can also be played in VR.

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