Thursday, December 5, 2019

Facebook Buys Beat Saber Developer Beat Games

Facebook has purchased Beat Saber developer Beat Games. It'll continue operating as an independently operated studio in Prague only it'll be under the umbrella of Oculus Studios.

Beat Games will "continue to ship content and updates for Beat Saber at the same time across all currently supported platforms," Oculus director of content Mike Verdu wrote in a blog post. As for Beat Saber's modding scene, Verdu noted Facebook and Oculus still plan to support mods, but those including pirated content might not be allowed:
"We understand and appreciate the value that modding brings to Beat Saber when done so legally and within our policies. We're going to do our best to preserve the value that mods bring to the Beat Saber player base. As a reminder, our most recent policy updates give more clarity to how developer mode is intended to be used, such as helping developers build their apps or for enthusiasts to explore new concepts. It is not intended for engaging in piracy or illicit modding, including mods that infringe on third-party IP rights or contain malicious code."

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